What’s the BIGGEST difference between stepping out of the shadows to become a powerful force for good — and staying stuck inside your businesses?


... how many team members you’ve hired

... how many different products or services you’ve developed — or even,

... how many sales you make in any given week —

You’d still be wrong.

All these things are important. But they’re only part of the story. Because unless you’re able to confidently step away from doing ALL the things to keep your business running and take a sweet vacation to recharge (even if it’s a COVID-proof version on your balcony)...

Just thinking of that seductive next step on your journey into self-mastery will give you heartburn, insomnia and sweaty palms.

When it comes to meaningful leadership, our society got it all wrong.


Blog post after podcast after press article celebrate the solitary superstar.

The alleged sources of their success?

Hustle-and-grind 12-hour days...

4-hour work weeks powered by underpaid virtual assistants...

​Intricate, ever-so-slightly manipulative launch funnels...

Intense morning routines that include 4am ice baths, training for marathons and preparing Paleo green smoothies, pimped with brain-altering substances...

The list goes on. And many impact entrepreneurs like us read that list with a sense of disbelief (or even — disgust!)

‘Cause here’s the thing:

If you’re spending too much time working in the day-to-day operations, all this talk of spending more time working ON your business can sound like a pipe dream.

If you’re not always sure what the people working for you are doing, it’s impossible to figure out whether they could be more productive — and how to make that happen.

If you only manage people IN ORDER TO get them doing the right things, you’ll burn heaps of energy — without ever reaching the point where you can decide how to spend your time. And you won’t fall in love with leading a team in the process.

The elevated path to post-pandemic purpose-driven leadership

Let’s be real:

Those lonely-wolf stories are highly edited to glorify someone’s ego.

The fine folks who REALLY leave a huge legacy behind know that true success relies on being in relationship with others. And not just any kind of relationship.

They work in collectives, bands and swarms of selected, like-minded peers.

They know that the right community will create natural flow. So they repeatedly surround themselves with people who share their challenges. Because consistently hearing that their challenges are a normal part of the journey frees them up to take the next step.

So, let’s be clear from the get-go: Whatever you’re dealing with in your business and life right now, you are NOT the only one facing these problems.

It’s 100 % doable (heck, even NECESSARY!) that you have the kind of “free” time that lets you choose what you’ll be doing. Whether that’s having fun with family or friends, starting with upcycled origami, working more strategically on your business, developing a new offer for your most devoted customers — or a combination of those things.

Managing your own energy, managing your emotions: this kind of self-mastery absolutely requires you to step away from the daily “grind”. Sorry if we’re preaching to the converted: you probably know this. 

But we also know that enjoying time off takes practice. It’s way too common for people like you to spend the whole vacation on high alert, checking your inbox five times a day and thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

Your journey to transforming your life and business is not as hard as you might think


But how can we make sure that enjoying the community of kindred spirits — the kinds of personalities who embrace vulnerability, truth-telling and #CollaborationOverCompetition — will NOT feel like adding yet another job to our already-overflowing Trello board?


That’s the biggest question we had circling around in our brains as we were developing the Elevated Entrepreneur Mastermind.


Traditional networking communities ask their members to meet at 6.30am for a blurry-eyed 30-second pitch to a room of self-involved “business ninjas”... and demand a regular stream of poorly-qualified referrals to other members. 


If your skin is as thick as the concrete around the Chernobyl reactor, perhaps that’s fine for you.


But what if a sense of “being in this together” didn’t come with an overwhelming feeling of awkwardness...


And instead, we had an open invitation to step away from “too much to do/too little time” mode for an hour each week, and be REAL with each other?


What if an hour a week with the right people was all that it takes so you can to do your best work with greater clarity and efficiency — and put you in a position to elevate your perspective?


Learn how to manage your energy so you reach Happy Friday with a bounce in your step (instead of feeling depleted and dreading the weekend, when you’re tied to your desk yet again)

 Learn how to manage your emotions so you can consciously expand your comfort zone (instead of stepping out of your comfort zone, needing time to heal from the experience, and building a wall of excuses to never try again)

​ Optimize your business activities and find new revenue sources. Yes, stabilizing financial growth is one of the core outcomes of this invitation. 

We predict that you’ll learn how to grow your business without things falling apart. And you’ll find creative ways to stop wasting your and your team’s time so you can focus on what really matters. However, that will NOT be our main focus.

Meet your Super-Connectors:

Sina Helmke & Fernando Ureta

We’re rebels who dropped out of the traditional business world. As certified B Leaders, we believe in the extraordinary power of business as a force for good.

Our corporate past has equipped us with the strategies, tools, tactics and psychology used by top performing companies. 

Now, we dedicate our lives to empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs to start and grow sustainable businesses.

It’s no coincidence that the 4ChangeMakers Lunch Club is at the heart of our activities. We thrive on connection and relationship. 

Creating the space where the right people come together and creative sparks fly: that’s the most joyful part of our work.


Michael Schweikart, Co-Founder and CFO of Tomorrow Bank

Liz Soto Rivas, Founder of The Sustainable Fashion BranBohetnika

Amara Abara, Founder 

and CEO of Fantastic Funnels.


Get-rich-quick influencers

Greenwashing & Wokewashing enablers

​Know-it-all “hot air in suits” types of business consultants

We are here to accelerate the transition from the outdated and failing 20th-century shareholder capitalism to a world where business and capital have a social purpose: long-term value creation. 

We exist to help you and your business focus on profitability while simultaneously doing something good for the world.

In the Elevated Entrepreneurs Mastermind, we’ll give you tailored access to the connections we’ve fostered over the years. 

You’ll be part of a super-connected network of experts and high-impact entrepreneurs who are building a better future together.

And if you take us up on our invitation, here’s a small taster of what we’ve got in store for you:

Introducing The Elevated Entrepreneurs Mastermind


Next Cohort Starts On 1st Of September 2021

We’ve invested the last 2 years working closely with your fellow impact business owners.

Entrepreneurs whose teams were not on auto-pilot and who needed leadership attention on the daily nitty-gritty to get things done and moving forward. This led to lots of distraction from what matters. Not to mention the wasted time and effort.

​Entrepreneurs who kept track of wayyyy too many things in their own heads or on a multitude of to-do lists (paper, sticky notes, Excel sheets — or even apps that had been poorly adopted). Any time they forgot something or the cat ate a sticky note, the business missed a beat. And could lose an important client, be late for a grant, or get fined for a task not done.

Entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their businesses, but knew that things weren’t systematized — and that too much growth would rip the poorly-patched-up seams (scary thought!). And...

​​Entrepreneurs who felt scattered, disorganized, and far less productive than they’d like.

Everything we’ve learned in the process of helping these business owners elevate their game has fed into the Elevated Entrepreneur Mastermind. 

The result is a joyful, multi-factor learning community that gives you clarity on your sales and business strategy, carves your personal path to self-mastery and upgrades your network.

Next Cohort Starts On 01st Of September 2021

Factor 1 — Facilitated Breakthroughs & Hot Seats Focused on Your Growth

Once every fortnight, we’ll come together on a live Zoom call to tackle a specific topic that will propel you forward as a leader. Our hosting and facilitation experience will create the space for open communication, vulnerability and an exchange of positive energy.


Bring anything that might hold you back in business or in life to your fellowship. 

​​Learn together and from each other.

​​Lean in to what it means to be an “Elevated Entrepreneur”, and how to take powerful and immediate steps to upgrade your skills, influence and spiritual mastery.

Factor 2 — Tailored Guidance from Global Top Experts & Entrepreneurs

Based on what we learn about your challenges and dreams, we’ll invite the best people from around the world to special guest calls. 

Whether it’s about conversion rate optimization, spiritual growth or team management, we’ve got you covered.

Factor 3 — Direct Access to Advice & Support from People Like You

You’ll get immediate access to our private online community.

Here, you’ll...

Bring anything that might hold you back in business or in life to your fellowship. 

​​Learn together and from each other.

​​Lean in to what it means to be an “Elevated Entrepreneur”, and how to take powerful and immediate steps to upgrade your skills, influence and spiritual mastery.

Factor 4 — Access to the 4ChangeMakers Vault of Business Management Tools

We’ll give you instant access to the tools we normally reserve for our private clients — and any tools we’ll be creating in the future.


Stop procrastinating on planning and tracking your sales with a tool that’s actually fun to use.

Adopt a super-simple, super-efficient CRM that tells you who to call, when, and why.

​​Become the CFO you’ve always wanted: our finance tracking tool will give you crystal clarity on your cash flow.

​​Gain Personal Finance Mastery© and plan your personal journey to financial freedom

​​Write compelling sales copy, plan your marketing campaigns and prepare for convincing sales conversations with our unique V.O.I.N.B.O. tool

Factor 5 — Annual, 3-Day Live Event for You & Your Guest

Make memories that no Insta Story could ever do justice to when the community comes together to learn, share and have fun! 

Bring a business partner, your life partner, or your best friend as a way of thanking them for their support. 

(Because without the people closest to us, nothing really matters.)

Factor 6 — Exclusive Access to All the Knowledge Shared

Missed a session? We know life can get in the way of our plans sometimes. 

Want to revisit an important learning from weeks or months ago? Way to go! 

You’ll be able to watch recordings of all group sessions, special guest calls and events for as long as you’re a member of the Elevated Entrepreneurs Mastermind.

Factor 7 — Hot-Seat Group Coaching on Sales & Business Strategy

Once per semester, we’ll take the hot seat to teach you everything you need to know in our own areas of expertise.

Instead of teaching the same syllabus every time, we’ll tailor the content and topic of each session to you and your fellow Elevated Entrepreneurs.

We know that no group is ever the same! And we want to make sure you can apply your new insights easily and instantly.

Factor 8 — 100% Clarity on How To Improve Your Sales

Every quarter, we’ll conduct an in-depth audit of your...

Sales processes

​​Value Proposition

​Sales Calls

​Price Points

​Target Market


​Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Instead of throwing a report over the fence, we’ll come on a call together to help you understand and implement our feedback. 

Think of us as the sales experts in your pocket: Over the course of the Elevated Entrepreneurs Mastermind, we’ll get to know you and your business better than any external sales consultant ever will. 

Which means you’ll get the kind of real-life advice that an external sales consultant wouldn't be placed to provide.

Factor 9 — Sales4Good 5-Week Online Programme

Experience an increase in your revenue within 30 days of starting the program — RISK FREE.


Get access to Sales4Good Online Masterclass

​​Revitalize & upgrade your business management and sales process using our tried-and-tested tools and templates

Contact new leads with confidence: we’ll provide the strategies, templates and scripts you need to be successful

​Align your business and your values with Abury’s Exclusive Keynote on How To Balance Purpose & Profit

The Elevated Guarantee

Here’s our simple promise:

Take 30 days to engage in the mastermind, test drive our Vault of business management tools, and go through the Sales4Good program.

If after getting your questions answered on the live group calls, you still don’t feel like you have the path to self-mastery, sales & business strategy, and community you need to elevate your leadership...

Simply email [email protected] with your completed worksheets. And we’ll refund your investment.

Still Undecided?


You’ve just had a seven-figure year for the first time, and want to make sure you keep that momentum going — without selling your soul.

​You’ve been struggling to break through your financial glass ceiling for months (or even years): You haven’t attracted the sales you were hoping for (currently less than 1 million)... and the sales that you DO make are mostly based on price. Your customers seem to be more interested in chasing the next bargain than in building a relationship with your brand.

​You already know that the so-called “secret of success” is all about relationships: You enjoy making new “work friends”. Personal development makes more sense for you when you can share the journey with fellow travellers.

​You’re looking forward to setting some time away each week to work on your personal growth and business strategy. And you know that every bit of energy you invest will be paid back to you in free time, free choice and increased revenue.

​In fact, you’ve invested in your development in the past — working with a coach, hiring business consultants, connecting with your spiritual side, meditating first thing in the morning, and generally doing your best to be a gentle, purpose-filled soul on this beautiful Earth.

​You care about what’s working in a post-pandemic world: While others keep re-running the same old programmes and marketing campaigns that worked for them in 2019, you feel the scepticism rise in your throat. That’s why you appreciate the way the Elevated Entrepreneur Mastermind stays nimble and flexible to give you just what you need, just when you need it.

​You’re excited about all the new people you’ll connect with and learn from once you’re inside the mastermind. There are so many opportunities: profitable joint venture partnerships, speaking engagements, podcast interviews and much more.

​You can’t wait to start the Sales4Good online programme and increase your revenue within 30 days. The prospect of strategic, lasting growth fills you with much-needed optimism — thinking that by this time next month, you’ll see the rewards for your commitment roll in to your bank account gives you butterflies in your stomach!

You feel confident applying for a seat in this mastermind, knowing you have 30 days to test it out: It’s simple. Either you do the work and take your first steps on the path to self-mastery, sales & business strategy, and community... or you email [email protected] with your completed worksheets. And we’ll refund your investment.

If you caught yourself nodding to at least 5 of those 9 points, we simply CANNOT wait to meet you on a Discovery Call.

Next Cohort Starts On 01st Of September 2021

Questions that might be on your mind before booking your discovery call

1. I love the idea of this mastermind, but I’ve already got too much on my plate. How much time will this take?

To make the most of the Elevated Entrepreneur Mastermind, we recommend that you:

join the fortnightly calls,

​engage in the private group

​go through the Sales4Good Online Programme and

​start using the tools in our Vault. 

The online programme and tools will support you in tasks you’ll need to do anyway, so after a quick introduction, they should save you time.

The calls will usually last an hour. If you can at least make it to the calls every week and engage in the private group, that will set a great foundation for your growth. So, as a baseline, we reckon you’ll need an hour a week.

2. Is this another one of those get-rich-quick schemes?

No. We are not get-rich-quick influencers, and we don’t believe in those messages.

We are here to accelerate the transition from the outdated and failing 20th-century shareholder capitalism to a world where business and capital have a social purpose: long-term value creation. 

We exist to help you and your business focus on profitability while simultaneously doing something good for the world.

In the Elevated Entrepreneur Mastermind, we’ll give you tailored access to the connections we’ve fostered over the years. You’ll be part of a super-connected network of experts and high-impact entrepreneurs who are building a better future together.

3. What’s the price of this mastermind?

We’re keen to keep this mastermind as accessible as possible. So we’ve decided to discuss the pricing and most suitable payment plan with each applicant personally. 

Price tells a story — and we don’t want a high ticket price to scare you off if you’re the right person to join this group.

Got a different question?

No strings attached — we won’t talk you into joining if this isn’t the perfect fit for you.

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